Don’t just manage your fleet. Maximize it with Justrack GPS Fleet Management Solution. Innovative, easy to use and affordable, Our solution combines the powerful features and cost efficiency of latest GPS technology to provide businesses with real-time analytics to optimize fleet performance and drive profitability.


Justrack's GPS vehicle tracking device gives you up-to-the-moment location updates that empowers organizations to manage their fleets productivity at all times. Small and medium sized businesses are now able to track their vehicles and assets in real-time, retrieve reports on start and stop times, and track or prevent unauthorized usage or overtime use of the vehicles.


Justrack GPS tracking helps customers keep track of their employees who are constantly on the move.  If you're an entrepreneur searching for a profitable business opportunity or if you want to expand your product offering, contact us today. As a Justrack  dealer, you have the potential to see positive cash flow after three quarters of doing business and reaching a break even point within 12-15 months.


Each owner will be awarded an individual username to login; google map monitoring system (authentication account).

Duration of parking report, by daily basis or weekly basis. Able to forecast the time of staying in one particular place.

Analysis of driver's speed behaviour. Speed indication will be shown when the vehicle is moving.

An additional protection for the vehicle owner to avoid his vehicle from crossing the other borders. We provide a 'Virtual Border System'.

Instant mileage report will be calcualted by our system. Fuel cost and driver's wage; by a single trip / by daily can be tabulated.

Owner is able to playback on the vehicle's movements. Owner may save the historical analysis as a backup copy.

A sms will be forwarded to the vehicle owner to alert him that his vehicle's battery is low or is dismantled. The system can be operated without the main battery. A self-built-in Li-On battery is included in the GPS device.

Owner is able to locate his vehicles anywhere and anytime via internet access. A mobile app, called "JusTrack" is provided through most smartphones.

(Stop Engine) With a single click, the owner may use his mobile app, called "JusTrack" to disable the fuel starter (disable engine).

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