JusTrack is in the business of providing security and surveillance services for all types of vehicles in various industries using mobile, Google and Internet technologies. Our directors and management have many years of working experience in the telecommunications and security industries and also in the government-related agencies.

Together with the strong technical support from our principal foreign partner and a wide network of dealers, we are able to offer the new generation “GPS Locating Devices” complete with sophisticated sensors to provide high quality service to our customers in the various industries ranging from transportation logistics, container trucks, cement and liquid, construction materials, timber & plywood, tour buses, stage buses, car-rentals, budget taxis & limousines, fast food deliveries, heavy construction equipment, ambulances, private investigations, cash carriers, 4-wheel drives, coach builders, staff-attendance control, passenger cars and superbikes.

is always upgrading to provide the most innovative products, sophisticated monitoring systems and responsive customer services to best serve the demands of the changing market needs to ensure our customers’ vehicles are always alerted and be protected from attempt theft, robberies, abduction, kidnapping, unwarranted trips, loss of diesel and loss of cement.

JusTrack offers the new generation “GPS Locating Devices” and the user friendly “Vehicle Monitoring System” services to allow our customers to locate, track, monitor, review history of movements, send signals to owner and to cut fuel (if necessary) on their vehicles at real time either through the computers or any handheld mobile apps.

JusTrack offers good quality products and services at very affordable and reasonable prices vs the other players in the market. We will continue to strive to maintain our quality of service for the years to come.

JusTrack strongly maintain privacy for its clients. All the data acquired are never disclosed to any third-party service providers of any kind. We also comply with the digital data protection act of Malaysia. This privacy is maintained throughout all our services.