Terms & Conditions

Our offer for sale of products and/or services to you is subjected to the following terms and conditions.



1.1) To enter a fixed 24 months’ contract (unless otherwise as agreed as per Customer’s signed sales quotation, sales order and/or agreement with Justrack) to pay for the Subscription Service Fee (which may include (i) AIoT Connectivity Services and (ii) AIoT Software Licensing Fee) to us (unless otherwise as agreed in writing by both parties).

1.2) Not to remove the Device by any other parties (which may include (i) the AIoT Hub/ GPS and (ii) the data simcard), (unless otherwise as agreed in writing by both parties).

1.3) In the event that Customer requests Justrack to remove, uninstall or transfer the Device at any time, Customer agrees to pay the minimum service fee of RM80 for performing this function.

1.4) To compensate Justrack for the cost of the Device (as stated in the sales quotation, sales order and/or agreement) for any unauthorised removal, loss, theft, damage of the same.

1.5) To pay the Subscription Service Fee (including any taxes imposed by the Relevant Authorities, eg. The Customs) promptly and regularly on respective payment due dates (unless otherwise as agreed in writing by both parties) as per Tax Invoice issued.

1.6) The Service provided by Justrack shall be a supplementary feature to assist Customer to remotely locate, monitor and manage the assets and/or vehicles only. At all times, Justrack shall not be responsible nor liable for any loss, theft, robbery, damage, missing of assets/vehicles, including any goods therein, battery leaks or damage for using the Service.

1.7) User IDs and Login Passwords are given upon activation of the Service. Customer must continuously change the Login Password, check and monitor the records of his own assets/vehicles.

1.8) To pay all Subscription Service Fee (including taxes) outstanding, irrespective whether there are any temporary interruptions in telco network or temporary suspension of the Service due to non-payment of Subscription Fee.

1.9) To pay the relevant Subscription Service Fee (including taxes) owing to Justrack promptly to prevent unexpected interruptions of the Service and/or late payment charge at 1.5% pm on the outstanding balance, calculated on a monthly rest basis.



2.1) Shall not be responsible nor liable for any interruptions/loss of Service arising from places with no, lack of, or weak radio frequency coverage, distortion, corruption or compromise of the Device.

2.2) Shall not be responsible nor liable for any losses or damages arising from any unauthorized removal, theft, robbery, damage to, relocation or loss of the Device.

2.3) Shall be responsible for warranty claims on the manufacturing defects of the Device only within 6 months from date of installation.

2.4) Our employees are allowed and access to information of the Customers to assist in online help, offline functions, location of assets/vehicles and the like to assist the Customer during office hours.

2.5) We reserve the rights to suspend and/or terminate the access to our vehicle monitoring system, without notice if we have reasons to believe that the Customer has misused the Device or the Service, committed fraud or criminal activities or as directed by the relevant enforcement Authorities and/or not paying the Subscription Service Fee on demand.



3.1) Company reserves the right to amend any of these terms and conditions at any time and from time to time without notice and the terms and conditions shall become effective on the date of publishing at the Company’s web portal www.justrack.com.my or by sending a sms or whatsapp notice to the Customer. Such changes will apply on the effective date specified by the Company.

3.2) We are happy to receive your feedback on how to improve our services. You can email your enquiries to us at enquiry@justrack.com.my.

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